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Our Story

Launched in 2016, Falcon Travel Consultants has become a household name with super-brand status and known for effectively tackling everything related to travel in South Africa and beyond. We are a subsidiary of the Falcon Group of Companies founded in Durban by Ridhwaan Mayet. Founded with the passion of travelling and the vision of entrepreneurship , Ridhwaan decided to steer the group into the travel industry. We grew our brand from the bottom to its current super-brand status.

Our company was founded on 3 main pillars of Quality, Service and Value. We were able to forge great alliances with reputable international tour operators from the white sandy beaches of Mauritius to the Northern Lights of Alaska. This, along with our expertise and credibility, has allowed us to evolve into a super travel-platform offering services on everything related to travel.

This means that the Falcon Experience is bound to create a memorable experience. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, we always have your travel arrangement customized and suited for you. We strive to ensure that every trip is problem-free. We ensure that we have reliable agents in our network that are able to assist whatever the situation may arise.
Falcon Travel Consultant has over 10 years of experience as a travel expert enabling students, business men and women, and leisure-seekers to explore the world by creating amazing experiences filled with adventure, discovery and personal growth.
We specialize in providing premium holiday packages to premier travel destinations. Our experienced travel consultants will help make your travel to the most beautiful and exciting corners of the world a successful one. We offer great package deals to Africa, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world to make your journey safe, exciting, and affordable.

Why Choose Falcon Travel Agency ?
Our strong backing and experience set us apart from all of our competitors. Here at Falcon Holdings, we enjoy the benefits of being a preferred partner to most travel suppliers in the market. From hotels, airline companies, tour operators and car rental companies, you will get a specialized service and discount when you use our service.
We are Reliable: You need a company you can trust when making travel plans. With years of experience in this industry, we are proud to provide top-notch service to all our clients when they need it. Here at Falcon, we are passionate about creating a WOW! customer experience.
Experience: We are subsidiary of Falcon Group of Companies founded in Durban by Ridhwaan Mayet. Our years of experience in the industry ensured that we can be able to help you with all your travel needs. We can find you the most convenient flights, hotels and tour guides per your request even at a short notice. This is because we have created a robust connection with top travel suppliers over the years.

Expertise: We are experts when it comes to travel in South Africa and beyond. We have experts ready to help you with any request you may have. Our leading position in the South African travel industry allows us to negotiate the best rates for you, ensuring that you not only reach your destination conveniently and comfortably but as well get the best value for your money and save money for other important things.

Fast Response: We understand that sometimes you may need to travel at a short notice. Don’t worry, we can help you! Our expertise and experience in the industry has enabled us to create a beneficial relationship with major travel suppliers which will enable us to book flights, hotels and car rental for you at a very short notice.
Falcon Travel Consultants is your go-to travel agency when looking for the best travel partner in South Africa .We will help you get to your destination in a safe, affordable, and exciting manner.